Thursday, June 11, 2009

Subject: Wiring for double ceiling fan

Name: Jason

Question: I'm trying to install two ceiling fans in my living room. It had two ceiling lights before, but was prewired for ceiling fans. There are two sets of switches, each with a seperate switch for light and fan. When I removed the first light I found three groups of wires coming into the box. One had red/black/white wires running to the other ceiling fan, one red/black/white running to one of the switches and a black/white coming from...? It doen't seem like I'll be able to wire this so that each switch operates only a single fan like I would prefer, but until I know what to do with the black/white wire, I can't wire it at all.

Answer: Hi Jason,

It sounds like you have all the wires you need. The red and black are booth two switch legs and should do exactly what you need them to do. Still I do understand how this can be confusing. Installing ceiling fans can take sometime if you have not dealt with a situation like this before. You may want to consider calling out an electrician to do this job.

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