Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Subject: wiring a back to neutral switch in an old house

Name: ken

Question: hello bill,

i live in canada, its a really old house, the wiring i have for the switch to a bedroom has no ground. its just 2 wires coming out of the box. i bought a switch hoping to be able to use it with the ceiling light fixture in the room, but the switch requires a ground...so my question really is...is there a way to ground the switch properly if there isnt a ground wire coming from the wall???

Answer: Hi Ken,

Your switch doesn't require a ground to work. It has a place for a ground to attach for extra safety. It will work fine with out the ground. It is time you started to look into a whole house rewire. Your wiring is well past it's prime I would not waste my time with any grounding solutions.

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