Friday, June 5, 2009

Subject: Outlets work but light switches don't

Name: Chris

Question: I own a relatively new condo, built 2005. My home was inspected when I moved in, but I seem to have 6 dummy switches. All of my outlets work but should I be worried about grounding or wires incorrectly installed? Also, it seems like at least some of the switches should control some of my outlets but none seem to, is it likely that my house is wired incorrectly? Thank you

Answer: Hi Chris,

I would call in an electric in for a general home inspection. I will bet some of you dummy switch are for optional lights and fans that were never installed. This is something that is common for electricians to do in the pre-wire phase of a home. After there is a buyer the electrician will go back and try to boost up his profit by add a few recessed lights or a ceiling fan on the wire that he did during the pre-wire.
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