Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Subject: outdoor lighting

Name: Kathy

Question: I've replaced the outdoor lights on either side of my garage door. The old lights were motion sensor and the new ones are also, however, they have an 'accent' feature. I just noticed that when these lights are turned on and then turned off the halogen bulb continues to glow, just ever so slightly. I would not even notice how slight if it weren't completely dark outside. Is this faulty wiring? stray voltage? dangerous? a fire hazard? faulty lights?

Thanks for your help

Answer: Hi Kathy,

If it is an accent feature then no it is not a problem. If they are not supposed to glow then yes it is a fire hazard. You need to read the instructions that came with the lights. I know some do have this accent mode built into them. You might find a note about this function on the controls on the light it's self.

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