Monday, June 8, 2009

Subject: Mild shock / tingle off some appliances

Name: Mark

Subject: Mild shock / tingle off some appliances

Question: Hi. Recently, my wife got a mild shock taking the washing out of the washing machine. I get a sharp tingle off the rusty (ie 'exposed' metal) corner of an electic radiator, even though neither appliance is on(merely plugged in).

Testing a different socket earth to a basin tap gives about five volts. Testing the washing machine drum to some piping gives 250 volts!!! (in Spain). But, there is no current and no fuses have tripped. Can you help please. Thanks.

Answer: Hi Mark,

Wow I don't know much about the electrical system in Spain. I'm in Philadelphia PA. I'm sure there are some Spanish electrician who would be much better suited to answer this question.It sound to me like you need to contact a local electrician. You have a dangerous problem. The cause is most likely a bad return path. Electricity is all way look to find it's way back to ground. If the path is not provided by your electrical system the electricity may find ways to leak out.
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