Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Subject: Main electrical panel

Name: Dave

Question: Hi,
Not sure if I can give you enough appropriate details but will try, in hopes of getting some advice. We live in a rural area in a 25 yr old house. The electrical issue I would like to address is that of power drop. What I mean is that any time the furnace cuts in during winter the lights all dim and TV quiets briefly during the initial power surge of the furnace motor. Also, during the Christmas season if the outdoor lights come on (6x 25 bulb strands) any lights in the house dim and stay dimmed until the outdoor lights go out. I understand this is just a factor of the power draw but wondered if it can be remedied with a heavier main breaker or some modification to the panel. The main panel states 125 amp and nearly all slots have breakers. Any suggestions or advice you have would be appreciated. I have purposely avoided summer landscape lighting or yard lights due to this annoyance.
Thanks, Dave

Answer: Hi Dave,

You could get a device for your panel that corrects your power factor. It is a box filled with capacitors that store extra power for such a problem. Here is a link to the one we install here in Philadelphia. It will also save you money on your electric bill.


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