Thursday, June 4, 2009

Subject: Lighting for over garage storage

Question: Bill,
I have an pull down ladder in my garage for overhead storage. I have a pull down switch that turns light on at top of stairs and it mounted on the 2x4. My attic is long and I need to install a light farther back in the attic so can I run new wiring from that existing light to the back of the storage area and what would I need to do that or can I do that. Thanks for your help and advice Bill.
Jim Reynolds

Answer: Hi Jimmy,

You can do it but judging by the way your question was written I think you would save tons of time and frustration by calling in an electrician. This would be a simple job for an electrician. It is in the attic and that is a bad place to learn how to run a new circuit. If there is a problem with the circuit you may never notice it, see it or smell it until it is too late.

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