Monday, June 8, 2009

Subject: fuse selection for residential hosehold

Name: Tim

Question: Hi there,

We have a 1926 era Tudor revival style home in Michigan. All the wiring is original with exceptions to the kitchen, partial basement (a washer and an auxiliary wall outlet), the main bathroom and two single 20 amp outlets installed in rooms for computer use. The house was generously wired for the period according to the electrician who updated the kitchen.
We use to have and used fast acting Edison base fuses both 15 and 20 amp. These appear to be no longer available and I think there is not a replacement for the fast acting style which I felt comfortable using. The question is what is the best type of fuse to use given the conditions of the general wiring?



Answer: Hi Tim,

You need to up grade you electrical system. I'm sorry to say but you have nearly a 100 year old system and it I would not consider it to be safe enough for my standards. I would first start by changing out your fuse box to a new circuit breaker box. You may want to install some Arc-fault breaker for extra safety. I have not see too many fuse boxes left here in Philadelphia. 20 years agothere was a big push in this area to get fuse boxes replaced.

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