Thursday, June 11, 2009

Subject: Fireplace wiring

Name: Carlos

Question: "I am going to hang a LCD over the mantle of my fireplace and have removed the entire front wall above the mantel exposing the cavity above the fireplace. The fireplace itself is a pre-built with a double walled exhaust about 14 inches thick.

Currently there are two lights, one on each side above the mantel so there are already electrical wires running inside the cavity. I had an electrician take those out and leave an outlet in the middle so there is an exposed wire in the cavity. what I want to do is run grey PVC conduit next to this outlet, horizontally along the inside, and then down the side of the fireplace so that I can run the HDMI and others cables to the TV, hidding all the cables. Do you think this will be safe? The metal exhaust duct currently runs up and then out of the house and at the point where it reaches the ceiling above the fireplace is touching the 2x4 studs so if this is fine then I believe I should be OK but just wanted an expert opinion.

Answer: Hi Carlos,

Your fireplace has to be designed so that the outside of the exhaust can not start an accidental fire. Still you don't want to rest anything directly against it. You should be fine running your conduit. I would just give your fire as much clearance as I could.

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