Thursday, June 11, 2009

Subject: Circuit requires two breakers to turn off

Name: Jordan

Question: I just bought a house and I noticed a serious electrical problem. I tried every breaker in the house to turn off lights/outlets in the living room and bedroom, and couldn't find the correct one. I turned off several at once, and that turned off the power to it. However, I noticed that I need to turn off two separate breakers to de-energize the circuit. It's like one circuit is being back-fed off the other.

I guess someone was working on electricity and didn't know what he was doing. Why do people do this?? They just mess things up for themselves and others who nay need to work on the circuit later. What's the best way to track something like this down, and separate them into the two individual circuits as originally wired?

Answer: Hi Jordan,

I would call an electrician for a first hand look. What I think they will do is break the circuit in the middle so that you have two functioning circuits. Someone need to be there with a tester to do this right.

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