Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Subject: can I add a dryer outlet to my breaker?

Name: Don

Question: I would like to get a clothes dryer but I don't know if the electric service to the house has the capacity for a second 240 outlet; there is an electric range. How can I determine if my breaker box and service are adequate?

The breaker box has 8 breakers slots. Currently one is a double and labeled 50 amp, there are four more single, one is labeled 15 amp. Two slots are not in use. The name on the cover plate is Trubull Electric, Rumbull Lite.



Answer: Hi Don,

That is an old panel. You should have an electrician look at the panel. I have a few safety concerns that pop up into my mind when you said you had a Trubull Electric box. I think you should look into updating that box.

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