Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Subject: bedroom breakers pop every morning

Name: Mike

Question: I just bought a new house built in 2008 I have been in it for about a week in a half, but every morning one of my bedrooms and some times my master bedroom breaker pop around 7 am every morning. If I unplug every thing in both rooms the breaker dose not pop just if some thing is plugged into the room. the bedroom breakers all have a test trip on them but no other breakers have a test trips on them. HELP...plzzzzz Thanks

Answer: Hi Mike,

You have what is called an arc fault breaker in your bedroom. They are extra sensitive and can be incompatible with something you plug in. They also make your home much safer.It could be an alarm clock or a shaver that id setting off your breaker. I would contact the maker of that breaker and ask them if they know of any thing that you have in your bedroom that could be causing the problem.

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