Monday, June 8, 2009

no light fixture in the bedroom,

The margins on new construction are really slim. i recently moved into a new construction condo. there was no light fixture in the bedroom, only a juction box. before i installed the chandelier connecting all the right wires, i shut the electricity off in the breaker box. after connecting the wires, i went to switch power back on in the breaker box and it worked. the lights came on in the chandelier. i went to use the light switch to turn it on and off, and now the light switch doesn't work at all. help! how can i get the light switch to work with the chandelier? what am i doing wrong? the builder/developer had stated that the particular light switch is the one that controls the ceiling light box.....

Hi Maha,

Congratulation on your new condo. This is hard to answer with out looking at it. If you are in the Philly area give us a call and I can have this problem tested by one of my Technicians. It could be that the original electrician set this junction box up in a way that would be difficult for a home owner to install a light fixture. The margins on new construction are really slim. In many new construction homes these blanked off boxes are what electrician use make their profit. I have found that sometime the switch is wired completely wrong to keep home owners from cutting them out of this work. I wish I could help you more but I think you need an electrician who can trace out your wires and set them up correctly.

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  1. thank you for your help. i finally figured it out through trial and error. there was a red, white, and yellow wire coming from the ceiling. there was a black, white, and copper ground coming from the chandelier. i finally figured out that the yellow wire from the ceiling was connected to the light switch. at first, i connected that to the chandelier white wire and tripped the breaker. then i connected the yellow to the chandelier black, capped the ceiling red with wire nut, and connected both white wires. it worked! thanx.