Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm replacing a ceiling fan/light fixture with a chandelier

I'm replacing a ceiling fan/light fixture with a chandelier. We have two switches that operated the ceiling fan/ is a dimmer switch that dimmed only the lights. I understand the wiring coming from the chandelier, but have "extra wires" left from the ceiling fan/light hook up. What we have in the ceiling is on one side one black, one white & one ground. Coming from the other side is one black,one white,one copper & one RED wire.
Help! I understand black to black, white to white & copper to the same, but where does the red come into play & how do I keep the dimming ability.
We tried hooking up the black,white &copper from the one side with the red,white & copper (capped the black) from the other side to the light and turned the power on. The dimmer doesn't work & neither switch will shut the light off. Repeated hookup & included the black this time with the same results...???? Help please?

Hi Louise,

The red and black wire both are some type of hot wire. In your situation I believe you should put the two black together a wire nut. The push them into the back of the box. They are a constant hot. The red wire should be your switched or dimmed hot wire ant that will go onto your chandelier.

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