Friday, June 5, 2009

I have a dryer with a 3 wire plug

I have a dryer with a 3 wire plug I have 10-2 wire on the plug side I have the white and black on top and the bare copper on bottom for ground I have a 30 amp double pole breaker how do i hook it up at breaker box

Hi timothy,

I don't recommend doing this if you have not worked in a panel box before. The first problem I see is you are installing a 3 wire line. If you are doing it new you may want to invest in the bring it up to the current code of 4 wire dryer. The cord on the dryer will need to be replaced but that is not too hard. In the dryer you will find two wires on the ground post that will just need to be split so that it will accept the 4 wire cord.

In the panel, I would have an electrician put the two hot wire in a 4 wire dry they would be the black and red, in a 2 wire dryer they would be the black and white, on a double pole breaker. The ground wire goes onto the ground bar and the the white neutral wire on a 4 wire dryer goes on the neutral bar.

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