Friday, May 29, 2009

Subject: wiring two lights

Name: Duane

Question: Hello, In my garage I put a light on the front of the garage and one at the back. I only have one 12/2 wire, white and black and a ground to work with. I pigtailed the wire to two separate switches because I wanted a separate switch for each light. I did not want them on at the same time. I turn one switch on and the light comes in the back then when I turn the other switch on the one light goes out and the other comes on. Almost like a three way effect? Can you tell what I did wrong.

Answer: Hi Duane,

If you don't know what you are doing you should not be doing it. The three way effect is funny until you go to bed at night and find that you burnt you house down. There is a good chance that you created a wiring hazard. You need to run a feed to each switch and then a direct line from each switch to each light. If you don't work with electricity I would not recommend on the job training.

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