Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Subject: wiring and choosing correct breakers

Name: jeff

Question: hi, im in the middle of a little remodeling of the kitchen and figured it was a good time to upgrade my electrical service from 100 amp to 200 amp service. but enough about that. my question is on choosing the correct breakers that i will need. meaning i have been running some new wire, for instance, one just for the fridge, one for the microwave and etc. i was just wondering since i have used 10/2 wire for that and 12/2 on the other, do i use a double pole breaker or singles. how does this work. pretty confused now. any advice greatly appreciated. thanks, jeff

Answer: Ho wow,

Jeff you don't need advice on breaker size. You need to hire an electrician. I can't give you enough training over the internet and what you described in your question scares me. Your kitchen is an electrically important part of your home. The code book has chapters dedicated to it. Doing this yourself is penny wise dollar foolish.

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