Saturday, May 30, 2009

Subject: hooking up an outlet using 3 wires

Name: Jim

Question: I just bought an older house and as i was cleaning up around the outside i came across a piece of conduit coming out from the foundation that has very heavy gauge wire in it (3 wires red, white and and black). The ends of the wires are taped off with electrical tape. i am not familiar with this type of wiring (3 wires) and i want to know how to hook up an outlet using the 3 wires? Can You help? Thanks, Jim

Answer: Hi Jim,

It all depends on what the other side is hooked up to. You can call out an electrician and they should be able to do some basic safety test to see if what you want is even do able. In short they will check if you have the correct voltage and the wire is the correct type for it's location.

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