Sunday, May 17, 2009

Subject: Flouresent light bulbs (4')

Name: Hunter

Question: Bill,
I just had a single bulb, flouresent fixture, go up in smoke above my head in the basement of my house. I just recently changed all the bulbs because a couple were out, between the 3 that are down here. When I changed them, I put in Econ-o-watt f4ocw/rs/ew, 34watt bulbs. The ballast had a 40 watt rating on it, when I took it apart to see what happened. It bled brown liquid out of the ballast.
Question; Was the ballast just going bad, or did I make a mistake by putting the lower wattage bulbs in the fixture?
Worried because the others have the same bulbs in them.

Answer: Hi Hunter,

You ballasts and bulbs have to match. If they don't would stress them and they will go up in smoke.

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