Friday, May 22, 2009

Subject: ceiling fan installation

Name: shannon

Question: how long should it take for a handyman to install a ceiling fan & switch on my back patio....what would be an average time period, and also what would be the longest time period. Its all fairly complications or crazy wiring issues to deal with.

Answer: Hi Shannon,

You should not have a handyman install a ceiling fan. You maybe putting you home at risk. A handyman doesn't have the correct training or insurance to do this work. If something goes wrong you could fall into an insurance gap. I would hire an electrician. You do get what you pay for.
If I were to schedule on of my techs to do this job I would give them a 4 hour window. It should not take this long but you never know what they will run into. I would also have my tech give a price up front. If your handy man can't give you a price up front he must not be experienced enough to do this work.

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