Saturday, May 16, 2009

Subject: Ceiling fan in bedroom. . .

Name: Christin

Question: Last night we had a friend who IS an electrician come over to install a ceiling fan in our baby's had previously just been a light--and there was already an existing switch on the wall that would control a fan. BEFORE the fan/light combo was installed the light in the room would turn on immediately when the switch to it was flipped...NOW the fan will turn on as soon as you flip its wall switch, BUT the light has at least a 2 second delay when it's switch is flipped--it does turn on immediately when you pull its cord to turn it on and off though. So we are concerned about what the problem might be? I am going to contact our friend who wired it for us, but I thought I'd seek your expertise/ advise/ answer as well! I am not sure if it will make a difference to your conclusion--but our home was built in 2006 and has plenty of room on our breaker box for added appliances, etc.
Many Thanks,
Christin Musser

Answer: Hi Christin,

You should thank you friend. That was nice of him for installing that fan for you. I don't think there is anything wrong with the light. With all the new technology in lighting out there I will bet that it is some energy saving feature. It could be a fluorescent light bulb. They normally have a small delay. It could also be cause by some internal circuitry. I don't think there is any problem here.

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