Thursday, May 28, 2009

Subject: Can lights in bookshelf

Name: Gary

Question: I have two sets of bookshelves, each with a can light in the top shelf. The top of the bookshelf is enclosed, and there is some lead glass front covers in the top shelf as well (extends down about 6 inches, while top shelf is about 14 inches tall). We've only been in the house a little over a year, and I've had to replace the light bulbs (40 watt) in each can light about three times. What would cause the light bulbs to burn out so quickly

Answer: Hi Gary,

There are three thing that could be doing this to your light bulbs. The first thing is Power Surges. Do you have any type of power surge protection in your home. Every home now a days needs protection at the panel and at the point where you plug in your electronics.

The second cause is vibration. Does your book shelf rock or shake. Does anyone slam the door. The would break your light bulbs.

You could just be buying bad bulbs. Sometimes clients will pick up a batch of bad bulbs. Try a different brand.

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