Sunday, May 31, 2009

Subject: adding more receptacles) and lighting from existing receptacles.

Name: Tom

Question: I am adding more plug-ins from one house shop room into new adjacent shop room/area. Have tapped into an existing dual plug recepticle in the old shop, and added the first new dual plug-in (a GFCI receptacle) in the new area. I installed it in a double gang box, and added a light switch to the same box to control lighting only in the new area. The switch getting it's power from the same line.

So... cable comes into new box from the exiisting recepticle. I connect 3 wires with a wire nut; the incoming black wire to the black wire from the recepticle and a jumper wire to the switch. I do the same thing again with the incoming white wire. Also connected the incomiing ground wire to the recepticle ground and jumper to the switch ground with a wire nut.
I connected the outgoing cable to the lights directly to the switch (white, black, and ground)

Here's the problem. The new receptlcle works fine. But when the switch is turned on for the lights, the main breaker kicks out!

Answer: Hi Tom,

If the black and white in a feed ever tough you will get a dead short. A switch works by touching or opening a connection between to wires. It sounds to me like you have the black and white from the feed on the switch.

What you are supposed to do is use the switch to break the hot wire. When the switch is off the hot wire is broken. When the switch is on the hot wire is reconnected.

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