Saturday, May 30, 2009

Subject: 3-way switch: switch, light, light, switch

Name: Jonny

Subject: 3-way switch: switch, light, light, switch

Question: I've just wires a pair of 3 way light switches in the configuration:
Feed - Switch - Light - Light - Switch

At the moment, the first switch operates the lights, however the second switch only operates the lights if the first switch is left on.
I was hoping to have both switches operating the lights independently without relying on the first switch's state.

I followed the 3-way wiring diagram at homeimprovementweb option 7

Is this diagram wrong or is this how its supposed to work?

Thanks in advance.


Answer: Hi Johnny,

Wow, that the hardest way I have ever see anyone do it. I have never ever seen it wired like that in the field. Let me see it I can give you a few pointers.

1. The travelers from the switches go strait from one switch to the other. In your diagram they do this through several junctions.

2. The hot feeds one switch. It travels through the travelers and then goes to the light truing them off and on.

3. Your neutral takes ith shortest path to the light.

If you follow these pointer one by one the wires will connect them selves. If not just hire an electrician. This stuff is hard. That diagram is really a hard way to wire a set of three ways.

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