Wednesday, May 27, 2009

240v Delta Unisaw

Name: David

Question: There's a dedicated 240v run out to my back patio that the previous
homeowners had installed to run a spa. In the panel it is made up of two
120v 25amp circuits. When I look in the junction box on the back patio,
there are three black wires, they look to be 10 gage. How do I know what
wire is hot/neutral/ground, Is this normal? I don't recall seeing this before. I
need to connect my 240v Delta Unisaw for a construction project.

Answer: Hi Dave,

You need a tester to find out the answer to the question. You have two hot wire and one neutral. The neutral should have been marked but it is not uncommon for a technician not to mark that wire. As an electrician I never really trust markings. Here in Philadelphia I always tell my electrician to test the wire and don't trust the existing markings.

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