Thursday, April 2, 2009

Subject: Swinging from the chandelier

Name: Betty Le

Question: HI,
Ok, I fell in love w/ this crystal chandelier, so I splurged and bought it, madly
awaiting its arrival. Now here it is in a box, and no instructions other than
where the crystals go. WTF???!!!

I would like help on how to get it up on the ceiling, but first I need to put the
dang thing together. How do the arms connect to the base? It looks like
there's one wire part on the bottom of the base, but 6 arms with a wire part
each. This is such a bummer that I can't figure this out on my own!

Answer: Hi Betty,

I sorry to say this but it is stupid things like that that keep me in business. You should not mess with this or the packing too much. They can be a real jigsaw puzzle. If you get the pieces to mixed up it will even become hard for a pro to do it. I think you should call someone in.

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