Thursday, April 30, 2009

Subject: chasing wire

Name: alan

Question: I am helping a friend on a home he just purchased. The
electrical has all been replaced{roughed in} by someone
else. I am trying to find the easiest and safest way to
chase the wires from inside to outside breaker box. The
house has been sheet rocked and wires ran to breaker box
are just coiled up in box, no power yet. just wondering
about olm meters or other resources, don't know? Any help
or pointers would be appreciated.

Answer: Hi Alan,

I don't 100% understand what you are doing. I can tell you that most electrician don't even own a true ohm meter. I don't think an ohm meter is what you want. A volt meter is much more useful.

I would trace a circuit out starting from the electrical panel. Hook up one circuit at a time. Use a voltage tester to follow the path the electricity.

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