Thursday, April 2, 2009

Subject: can lights

Question: Hi Bill,
The situation is there are 3 rooms, in feet
13 x 7
10 x 12
8 x 10
Installing 6-inch can (or recessed) lights and the ceilings are 7ft 3in high.

How many lights do I need and where should they be placed. The client’s concern is that these rooms are dark and they want to go with can lights.
I was also thinking of going with 90w dimmable CFL light bulbs with 1400 candle power. What do you think?

Thank you,

Answer: Hi Randy,

There are many ways you can do this. It is really more about knowing your client then some general lighting rules. That being said I would push for 4 inch can. They look more contempary and clients tend to like them better. I like the 50 Watt GU10 bulb.

Dimmable CFL really have some limitations. They don't dim 100%. They don't give off good quality light while dimmed. They flicker and don't cast a nice beam. They are bigger and don't fit in the trims well. They tend to disappoint most client.

I have a LED replacement trim in stalled in my Philadelphia office (19147) for testing. It is made by CREE lighting. This is a very nice light. The L.E.D. is still an expensive option but in a few years I think they will replace CFL for energy savings.

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