Thursday, April 16, 2009

Subject: Breakers

Name: Salista

Question: There are 2 breakers in my well house that run my well, One of the breakers keep popping I have tried everything that I know to do as far as getting new breakers and cleaning the points on the thing that all the wires run to sorry I cant think of what that is called at the moment..But I called a friend of mine and asked him what it could be and he told me that the heating element in my hot water tank is causing that is that true??? And what would you recommend at this point?

Answer: Hi Salista,

It sounds like you did a through job looking for the common causes of a tripping breaker. I'm afraid to to say that I think it is time to get professional help. The circuit breaker if tripping because it is sensing a safety problem in your electrical wiring. If for some reason the breaker jams and does not trip you could start a house fire. Breaker do become less reliable the more the trip. Also the cause of the tripping can become more dangerous the more times a circuit trips. I have see many close calls where clients did not know how dangerous there electric was here in Philadelphia. I had a client call the other day from the mount Airy section of the city (19119) where they had the same problem. When we found to be a loose connection in the wall that was heating up just like the coil in your hot water tank. I think it is time you through in the towel and called in a pro. It is just not worth the safety risk.

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