Sunday, April 19, 2009

Subject: 120/240 breaker switch

Name: John

Question: I have a 100 amp service and am short on breakers. However I have a paired 30+30 amp breaker switch that is not being used. Can I use those switches for two 120 volt breaker switches?

Answer: Hi John,

You can remove the 220 Volt double break and in stall two 110 volt single breaker. I do think that at this point you would be better served in most cases if you would up-grade to a new service. I have found that panel that become 100% full start to have little cheats that can add up to a dangerous situation.

We just saw a panel in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia (19130) that has be over loaded for years. To get a little more out of it every contract or the home owner would double up a circuit or add a half size breaker. This went on until the bus bar in the panel burnt up. This could have set the whole house on fire. They were lucky this did not happen.

My opinion is you should face the fact that you are in need of an up graded electrical service. You would be better off biting the bullet and bget a bigger panel.

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