Friday, April 17, 2009

Subject: 110 vs 220 wiring

Name: Rick

Question: We are moving to a home that is wired for only 110. I had to have a 220 breaker installed in my current home. We have a washer, a dryer and a mini freezer. How do I know what is required?

Answer: Hi Rick,

99.9% of the home in the U.S. are wired for 220 Volts at their main service. Most of the circuits in the home only use 110 Volt. Some major appliance such as dryer, ranges and heater will require a 220 volt line. To do this an electrician needs to run a new line from a 220 volt breaker in the panel directly to an appliance outlet by what ever you are hooking up.

I have replace a bout 10 to 15 110 volt electrical services in Philadelphia over the past 20 years. Most of these 110 volt services are long gone. Typically I find them in older people's home who have had the same home in the family for multiple generations. I have seen this in areas of Philadelphia such as Fishtowm (19125) Richmond (19134 and Bridesbird (19134) the most. These area have older housing stocks and tight communities.

If you do have a 110 volt service. You will need to contact an electrician and have your electrical service upgraded. The good thing is your power company should have 220 volts easily available for you.

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