Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New home owner with some questions

[quote=bjeebers]Hi there, I obviously found you on PhillyBlog and you seem to have quite the fan base. Congratulations for your solid work! I am buying a house and am in the final stages of the process. The inspection brought up quite a few electrical concerns, which I had already surmised. I would be appreciative if you could furnish me with a "ballpark" price estimate for repairs just to see if I am truly out in left field for how much all of this is going to cost me.

From the inspection report, I can share that the electric service cable from the meter boxes to the main panel needs to be replaced. The exposed wiring for the deck lights outside is not rated for exterior use. The electrical panel (fuses) is also obsolete.

The report also shows temporary extension cord wiring, improperly terminated wires, exposed wire junctions, inoperable switches and fixtures, older 2-prong outlets that appear damaged, 3-prong ungrounded outlets, and active knob and tube wiring.

In essence, I want the whole house redone from an electrical standpoint. Just rip the bloody old wires everywhere out of the walls and start new with circuit breakers, dedicated lines, grounded outlets, wires circa 2009, an overhead light in the rooms, a ceiling fan, planned electrical outlets that make sense, etc. The house is 2 floors (and a basement), 1200 square feet, plaster walls, and has 6 rooms (living, dining, 2 beds, bath, kitchen).

I know it's hard without seeing the house. I do have some pictures from the inspection report if that helps. I really am looking for just a ballpark figure. I'm just afraid I may be way off from the number I have in my head.

Thanks for reading all of this!

Hi Bjeebers,

Congratulations on the new house. It is really hard to give you any kind of price estimate for you home with out meeting with you and seeing your home. Evey house is different and every client has different needs and expectations. All of these things change the scope of work and the price.

The way we work is to meet with a client. Go over their wants and ask some questions about their life style and come up with some options that best suite each clients individual needs. I hope it is this level of care that is giving us a good reputation on Philly blog and other places.

Foe a wild ball park I can tell you we just rewire 80% of a 5 bedroom Germantown Home for $10,000. Your home sounds smaller so that would definitely effect the price. You could also look at this as an opportunity ti install some better lighting. Recessed light washing the walls with light can make a smaller home look bigger. Again that will effect the the price.

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