Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Subject: wiring in the home

Name: david valley

Question: i put up a van in my kids bed room and it was all good for a day the lights work the fan work and all the plugs worked but the next day my wife was a vacuuming the room and the vacuum died so i thought a breaker pop so i checked it but nothing so i checked it with my GFCI tester and it said i have a hot and ground contacts interchanged but one plug in my kids bed room works but the other three plugs and the fan don't and when i went into my bed room three plugs didn't work but one did and my fan worked and in my bathroom the lights didn't work but my plug did my house was built in 1977 i did see your comment on the aluminum wires

Answer: Hi David,

I would bet that the problem is up in that box under your fan. You must have loosened a connection while you were installing the fan. The vacuum cleaner causes a big load when the motor kicks on. Thia demand can make loose connections fail. I would start and look at the junction box that was disturbed. I'm sorry to say that box is where you installed that ceiling fan.

You have to also remember that ceiling Fans vibrate. If your connections are not done right the vibration of the ceiling fan will cause them to come loose. I had that problem last year in a house in Philadelphia. I think it was in the Chestnut Hill or Mount airy section. A client of mine install his own ceiling fans and then two weeks later he had power problems. He swore that the ceiling boxes were fine because he only looked at them a few weeks ago. Problem often occur at the last disturbed place. That is where his problem was too.

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