Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Someone Stole a House?

In November of last year, I read a story in the newspaper about a woman who had her house stolen. That's right, stolen. A woman named Doris from Port Richmond left her house vacant for five years and moved to Florida. When she returned, she found that someone had pretended to be her and sold her house! Someone was living in her house, had paid all of her back taxes and utility bills and was claiming ownership. To make matters worse, vandals and thieves had stripped her house bare, down to the wires in the walls. The court told Doris that she had to restore the house in order to reclaim the deed. She had little or no resources to complete this tremendous project. Her lawyer teamed up with the city council and went out to search for volunteers. This is where I (Generation 3 Electric) come in. I got a call one day from a member of the city council asking if I would like to help. I jumped at the chance to help a fellow Philadelphian in need. I sent some electricians over to Doris' house, and they completely rewired the house (a job that usually costs thousands of dollars) for free. Then I got this certificate.
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