Thursday, March 12, 2009

toroid coil winding-ALTAS TRAFO

Name: Daniel
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Subject: re-installing ceiling lighting

Question: I want to re-install a ceiling light that had a toroid coil and a pull string to turn the light on. Both burned out from a shortage in something. Do I absolutely need a toroid coil to re-install this same fixture with a pull string?

Answer: Hi Daniel,

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You should not need the Toroid Coil if the switch is only an on/off pull switch. The toroid coils I have worked with are mainly for noise reduction in low voltage lights. We did a big suspended track job in the Washington Square west section of Philly that had Totoid Coils built into the low voltage transformers. With out the toroid coil the light would buzz when dimmed. I will post a video of a Toroid coil on my How to so you can check that we are talking about the something.
I would be more concerned about why they burned out. Low voltage lighting can produce a lot of heat if not installed correctly. Last year we found a bad transformer that almost caught a Northern Liberties house on fire. There were burn marks on the wood beams it was attached to.

Washington Square [19107]
Northern Liberties [19122]
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  1. fyi: Northern Liberties' zipcode 19123

  2. Hi Sarah, Northern Liberties' zip is 19123. I guess that 19122 is more Fishtown. Kensington is 19125 but I always fell like that areas around Frankford and Girard are part of the whole Northinen Libs development area. Sorry for the error

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