Thursday, March 12, 2009

Subject: Wiring Code Requirements

Name: Pete

Question: Hi Bill, I'm remodeling a kitchen with service to a 50 amp outlet for an oven in conduit mounted on the surface of the old plaster. Since the plaster has to come out anyway I was considering putting the cable in the wall space through the studs without conduit. Does this meet the code requirements for this size service (separate #6 stranded copper cables) and more importantly, is it a safe thing to do? Thanks for the help

.Answer: Hi Pete,Everything here sounds like it will work. I would run 6-3 AWG Romex to your range. I'm based out of Philadelphia and it is OK to use Romex wire to power electrical devices in residential situation. I know that there are areas in the mid-west that do not allow Romex so you should check on that. Also if your are in a high rise you may not be allowed to use Romex. If that is the case you can either run your wire in MC or conduit.

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