Monday, March 30, 2009

Subject: ungrounded outlets

Name: Joshua Sturms

Question: I want to get rid of the 2 prong ungrounded outlets in my house. To rewire the house would probably be pretty expensive(not sure how expensive though). Someone mentioned to me that I could have GFCIs installed to replace them. When I asked about how safe it would be he mentioned that a whole house surge protector could be installed. Is this a reasonable fix? Is there any risk to devices with sensitive electronics such as computers and video game consoles? Are there any alternatives?

Answer: Hi Joshua,

It is a legal to uses GFCI protection and change out ungrounded two prong to three prong outlets. Also adding whole house surge protection will help your home and it's appliances. Here is a link to the brand we use for surge protection. You need to start getting quotes to rewire you house. Your home has ungrounded circuits. That is telling me that your electric is outdated and in not equipped for today's modern electrical needs. GFCI protection is good to keep you safe but it is not a solution for your electronics. There in no substation for grounding when it comes to electronics. You may want to run new electric to protect you sensitive electronics. We just install several point of use surge protector in a house just off of South street is the Gray's Ferry section of Philadelphia.

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