Monday, March 16, 2009

Subject: twist lock

Name: Pam

Question: hi I'm not sure if thats what it is called but an electrician said if we buy a generator for our home to make sure it has a twist lock so the cord doesn't fall out I didn't get a chance to ask him if thats a code requirement or not, he is on vacation for 4 more days hopefully you can answer this for me we are in Wisconsin if that makes a difference, thanks so much! Pam

Answer: Hi Pam,It does make a difference but luckily for you most generators that offer a 220 volt power supply normally come with a twist lock standard. You want to use a twist lock receptacle in order to keep from having a loose connection at the plug connection. We a transfer switch for a portable generator in a house in the Wissahickon(19118) section of Philadelphia last year. The home owner lost power once and had to replace everything in his freezer. On with the generator install that will never happen again.

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