Saturday, March 7, 2009

Subject: Replacing outlets. No power to entire home

Name: Paul

I have been replacing outlets and switches one by one in my rehab project. Before doing so, I turn off the power to the entire house in an attempt to be safe. After the last switch changeout, I turned the breakers back on only to quickly notice that there is no power to the entire house. I then switched off all of the breakers and switched them back on and still did not have power. The electric company said that if I turn the breakers on and the dial moves (ever so slightly), the issue is not theirs and is in the inside of the house. I went back to the switch that I was changing out and put it back on the original switch. Turned breakers off and back on and still no power to the entire house. Any clues as to what could be going on?

Hi Paul,
Electric work is not always that easy. I think you might have a bad connection or a bad breaker. You need to use an electrical tester and see where the power stops. I think you should call in an electrician to check your work. I'm sure you did a good job but I like to be safe. A freshman mistake could burn your house down.

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