Monday, March 16, 2009

Subject: Proper wire connections ?

Name: Kenneth

Question: I am installing a ceiling fan. upon removing the old ceiling light I noted that there were four electrical cables coming into the box. Each one had a white/black/bare ground wire. Two of the black wires have been painted white just above where the bare wire shows. One black and one white wire were left to dangle as connectors for the new fixture. Upon being told that the two black wires with the white markings were hot, I am now confused as to the proper reconnection. I hope this makes sense.

Answer: Hi Kenneth,I have seen many an electrical box and what you described really makes no sense. It sounds like someone before you did not know what they were doing and really messed thing up for you. I think you should have this one checked out by a pro with an electrical tester to see where the wiring went wrong. The black wires should not need to be marked white.

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