Thursday, March 19, 2009

Subject: Old House Electrical Upgrade

Name: John Weaver

Question: My wife and I just bought an older (est 1951) home. It appears to have a 60 amp service. I've gotten quotes for upgrading to both 100 & 200 amps. The question is, will 100 suffice? There is a whopping $1,000 difference between the two upgrades! Here's what we're running:Electric range, dishwasher and dryer. Heat & Water are both oil. 2 computers. And there's a small workbench downstairs that I probably won't use on a regular basis. 4 bedrooms but only 2 will be used right now. Budget is big consideration, so if we can survive on 100 amps for the next 5 years I'd be happy. What do you think?Thanks,John

Answer: Hi John,A 100 amps should be fine. the 200 amp service just give you extra space and is built a little bit stronger. I don't think you as a home owner will notice any difference between the two. It will not hurt you to go with the 200 amp service either. I believe that a 200 amp service add that $1000 difference into the value of your home.

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