Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Subject: more power Scottie

Name: Jeffrey

Question: Bought and installed this small ceiling fan with light for the kitchen (Hampton Bay). My wife calls it "so cute". The light says 60 watt bulb only. That is very dim. We changed the white globe to a clear globe in hopes of getting better light. Only slight improvement.I understand from reading other answered questions of yours that we can use higher wattages but that will eventually heat up too much and burn out the wiring and our townhouse. Would one of those new energy efficient bulbs increase the light? Can we re-wire it so higher wattage bulbs could be put in ? What do you say ? Thank you.

Answer: Hi Jeffrey,Your really should not use bulb that have a higher wattage then the manufacture recommends. You could try install florescent lamp. They have a higher light out put per watt. Your real problem is your fan is not designed to put out the type of light that is needed in a kitchen. You should think about adding more lights. Maybe recessed light or under cabinet lights. You will never get good light out of a ceiling fan.

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