Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Subject: low voltage

Name: chuck

Question: Hello. I am having a problem with low voltage reading from every outles connected to the CFI circuit in my breaker. everywhere else in the house im reading 120 but when the power is on from the CFI circuits im reading around 92-96v. I have reset and tested the CFI switch at the box but im still getting the same readings. also, when the breaker is off i'm still getting a very small reading from those outlets (.01-.05v). since i unplugged everything connected in the series i was wondering what could be causing the low voltage readings. does this sound like an easy fix?

Answer: Hi Chuck,This sound like an easy problem to correct for an electrician with some experience. The 92-96v reading is normally caused by a bad return. I think you best course of action would be to call someone in and not disturb the wiring yourself. If you try to fix this one yourself you could be making the problem harder to find. your readings of .01-.05v are normal with the breaker off. It is easy for a wire to pock up a small static charge through induction.

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