Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Subject: line load

Name: Ralph A. D'Alelio

Question: How many outlets can you have on a single 15A circuit. Also, I installed an over the counter microwave on an existing 15A circuit that was used for an overhead venting fan. The microwave keeps tripping the breaker at various times. Sometimes it works fine. The only things on this line is lighting. Even when the microwave is the only thing running the breaker trips.

Answer: Hi Ralph.There is no limit to how many outlets can be on a 15 amp residential circuit. The is a total amount of circuit need based on square footage. As a rule of thumb I like to place every room on it's own breaker.

Your microwave really is not designed to work on a 15 amp circuit. You need to run a direct 20 amp line to power this appliance. We see this all the time here in Philadelphia. People replace the stove vents with out up dating the wiring. The over the stove microwave draws much more power then the counter top microwave.

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