Monday, March 9, 2009

Subject: how many lights do I need?

Name: Shaun

Hi Bill,
I ripped all of the wiring from my basement workshop this weekend because it was unsafe and nowhere near code. I plan to rewire it myself, I've done whole rooms before and dont have any specific wiring questions (yet). The only problem I'm running into is lighting "design" and hoping to get a second opinion. I removed 4 - 8 foot fluorescent lights, three of which contained 2 bulbs and one that contained 1 bulb. This was always plenty of lighting but the things are hideous.Since they are 50 years old and not in great shape I planned on replacing them with recessed "can" lights. The room is 12' x 17' with a 7' ceiling. I'm planning on putting in 6 can lights with a max bulb wattage of 75w, but would probably run 65's. I'd put the lights in a rectangle around the room, 3 on either side of the long wall, evenly spaced, roughly 3 foot in from the wall.Like I said, I'm looking for a second opinion and wondering if this will be adequate to light a workshop. I'd just hate to get them all up and not have enough light. Thanks so much for any insight you can provide!

Hi Shaun,
Since it is a work shop, I would install more lights, maybe up to 9, with three rows of three. More light is always good for task type work. If it is too much you can always put it on a dimmer or use lower wattage bulbs.

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