Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Subject: Hot Spring sub panel

Name: Bill

Question: Hotspring hot tubs sells a sub panel that mounts near the tub and steps down the amps through a 20 amp GFCI and a 30 amp GFCI. They want more than $500 for it. Can a panel be made by an electrician for less or is there a web site that I might find a better price on the panel? They call it a GE 230V 50amp

Answer: Hi Bill,I would follow the manufactures guide line. You may be able to save some money doing it another way but I will bet it will void some guarantee hidden in some fine print. Your savings may only be $100-$200 dollars but if something goes wrong you will regret it. There is also the chance that they want that product to protect you from some safety concern that you did not think of.

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