Thursday, March 19, 2009

Subject: Excessive wattage or some othe r problem

Name: Yelena

Question: Last night we turned the ceiling light on in the bedroom, and after couple of minutes the bulbs (about 5 of 5) went out. Strange smell/odor came out shortly after this. The ceiling light fixture we have is the standard ceiling light with fan. The fan wasn't used at the time and have not been used in a while. My husband removed the fixture and checked all the wiring which seemed to be normal, except that he couldn't check out the fan motor. However, we noticed that a few of the bulbs were 100 watts. Do you think that the wattage caused this or should we have the ceiling wiring checked out by electrician? The fixture is more than 10 years old.

Answer: Hi Yelena,If it is the first time you used the ceiling fan in awhile I would just replace the bulb and see if it happens again. Sometimes air can get into the bulbs. If air gets to the filament it will burn bright for a short time then go out. If the problem happens a second time you need to turn that circuit off and have an electrician look at that circuit. There could be something really wrong.

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