Saturday, March 14, 2009

Subject: electrical wiring

Name: chris

Question: Im remodeling a bathroom.Theres a switch and a line that use to be for one of the lights. Can I use this switch for the pump and the heater on the new jacuzzi? As long as I install a GFCI?

Answer: Hi Chris,I'm sorry but the answer to the question is no. You are supposed to put a hot tub on a dedicated circuit. If you share the hot tub circuit you could cause problem with the other electrical devices on that circuit. It is not worth the risk so I would a new circuit directly to you electrical service. We just finished doing this for a client in the East Fall section of Philly. Here our electrical panels are located in our basements. We found the plumbing vent stack and used that space to fish our wire down to the basement. There is always a chase way from the basement to the roof to vent the plumbing so look for it as a possible pathway.

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