Thursday, March 19, 2009

Subject: Electrical wiring in a condo


Question: I just moved into a condo a few weeks ago, and I use my hairdryer and straightener almost every day. Everything worked fine until just a few days ago, when I was using my hairdryer on high and it suddenly turned to low and wouldn't work on high anymore. I then unplugged it and plugged in my straightener in the same outlet, which worked briefly but started to lose heat quickly. I have tested both on outlets outside my condo, and they are broken - the hairdryer only works on low and the straightener doesn't heat up at all. I know that both of these things use a lot of power, is it normal in a condo to have problems with enough power for these types of items? Is this something that can be fixed so if I get a new dryer/straightener this doesn't happen again?

Answer: Hi Shelley,Unless you have a brand new condo it is normal to have problem running a hair dryer and straightener at the same time on the same circuit. Even in a new condo I would not be surprised to here you had that problem. The trick is to have a circuit for each of these appliances or to have you vanity circuit to be by the only outlet on the circuit. We just redid a condo bathroom in the Spring Gardern [19123] section of Philly for a hair dresser who wanted 3 direct line to her make up bar.

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