Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Subject: dimmer switch install

Name: Mary

Question: Hi Bill. Thought I could surprise the spouse and install dimmer switches on the hall pendant light (2 switches) and the dining room chandelier (1 switch). Then I read the instructions. Found out you can only have one dimmer switch, not one on each switch for the hall kind of set-up. Had to go back to the store and buy a big new blue box. Was able to grab the box before it fell into the wall, got that installed and only had to spackle & paint where I broke the sheetrock.(R U laughing yet?) It works fine. The DR was an easier install but it buzzed when on dimmer. I called the manufacturer and was told to change the energy curly bulb thingies as they said you can't use them in a dimmer set-up. The buzzing lessened. But it was still buzzing softly. They said all dimmers buzz. My husband can't hear it. I hear it. Do all dimmers buzz or can it be silenced? I thought I did well for a first attempt. Thanks for your advice.

Answer: Hi Mary,I'm not laughing. That is because I have been there too many times. All dimmers do buzz. Some more than others. The quickest way to correct this is by replacing you light bulbs with a different brand, different wattage or different type. What is happening is a harmonic vibration is making the filament vibrate. You could also make sure that you light fixture is secures. I correct this problem in a condo in Philadelphia by tightening the light fixture so that they did not magnify the buzzing by being loose.

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